What is vegan skincare

What is vegan skincare?

You might be thinking that all skincare is vegan. After all, what animal products do you need in your daily scrub? However, you might be surprised at just how common animal products are. From shampoos to toothpaste, creams to clays.…

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herbana interview etsy group central photo

Interview at group «Etsy Greek Street Team»

Ladies and gentlemen, today we will get to know a bit better Georgia, from HerbanaCosmetics Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Georgia. I was born and live in Athens. I lived several years in the countryside to studies and…

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Can I use oil on oily skin

In 90’s and 00’s oil- free skincare products were super popular. Sure it may sound counter-intuitive to apply oil to skin that is already in oil-producing overdrive or prone to acne, but it may just be the fix your skin…

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